Graphic Design and Art Course for Female Students

Admission are open. All you need to is click here to ask admin to enroll you and after receiving your  form he we will contact you back via e-mail. Admin will email you admission form and other documents to process enrollment. Do remember fee for this course is 25,000PKR  which you have to pay advance. […]

The Microsoft office management experience

Working in the office environment has been revolutionized through use of computers which have in building programs to ensure various offices related tasks are effected and easily managed.  Whether running your computer on Mac or windows option, the office tools are quite paramount, and thus can be accessed and utilized by the user of the […]

Dedicated hosting: When and why?

Before we start talking about dedicated hosting, let’s talk what features your website/blog   must have before you invest or start running your own website to promote your product or make some money by sharing your knowledge with others. It’s really hard  to create unique content, design/develop a website, market your website, invest money, and give […]