Dedicated hosting: When and why?

Before we start talking about dedicated hosting, let’s talk what features your website/blog   must have before you invest or start running your own website to promote your product or make some money by sharing your knowledge with others.

It’s really hard  to create unique content, design/develop a website, market your website, invest money, and give time and attention on daily or weekly bases. And After doing all of this getting no success? Well, no one wants this. To secure your future, content and value your input in way of investing money or time, your website must have these features;

1.    Security
The first thing comes with the data / Content or information is “Security”. What if you make hundreds of pages with full of information, quality images and everything user looking  for on your website and after having it all next day you got “Hacked” or lose  all of your website data?  Well, it’s just not lose of data, but also cause problems with your marketing links, SEO you done to your site, the content you put on your website, in relation with your visitors and sometime cause problem of virus to your visitor’s computer too. In case of damage, you totally lose search engine traffic and sometime blacklist by “Google”. In case of huge website, it takes a long time (few days, mostly) to get back online again with new or same data, during this time you lose your visitors and sometime for a long time they don’t come back to your site. Low security can take you back to zero.  So its 1st feature your website must have before you market your content or product online.

2.    Quick response
Well, how quality information /content your website have, how much valuable to user isn’t mattering when your website perform slower. Slow load time is one of major issue and slow servers serve your website slow. Slow server and slow website performance also reduce your traffic and mostly from slow connection users.

3.    Enough resource
Your site must have good resource (hosting) like memory, security software’s, storage and other essentials to run a website with great support. Also have a good bandwidth to manage large traffic/ visitors from around the world. Due to low resource your website cannot manage huge traffic, low security, slow response, and enough bandwidth will not give you result you expecting.
4.    Content Uniqueness
As I always tweet about, “It’s 2015 but content is still king”. Yes content is king, so having unique content on your website takes you to the top of success in internet marketing. But having duplicate content can destroy all of your efforts. Duplicate content not only made by you, your shared hosting (which not provide you unique IP) can also cause duplicate content.

Now it’s time to end the topic and come to all of those features your website must have. To have all of these facilities in your website, all you need to do is buy “Dedicated Hosting” for your website. I agree dedicated hosting is not cheap as other are but with this hosting package;
•    You own and use all of resource on the server
•    You get Unique IP which also makes your content unique.
•    Great security software
•    Quick response because your site is your own server and no one else is having website on it.
Dedicated server means your website is alone on your own server where no other website to share the resource of the server. It’s costly, but really fits if you are planning to have a great website with huge traffic and want to live longer on the internet market with long time branding.  If you have website with huge traffic then try Best dedicated server hosting because only this type of hosting gives you features your website needs.