Free software download links

Here we are with fantastic and basic computer software’s for our students.

  1. Inpage Urdu 2000

Click Here to Download Inpage Urdu 2000 version to learn urdu composing using Inpage Urdu. (17Mb)

  1. Inpage to Unicode

Click here to download Inpage to Unicode converter is very small tool to convert Inpage Urdu to unicode for Urdu websites.

  1. Web screen capture

Click here to download Web screen capture. Using this tiny application you can take complete website screen shot with full page.

  1. Microsoft Talk it!

Wonderful small tool to check pronunciation or every English word or sentence, you can also use it as text to speech. Microsoft Talk it! Is one of oldest software I am use and sharing with you. Click here to download Microsoft Talk It!

  1. Word to pdf or Inpage to pdf creator

Convert any document like word to pdf, execel to pdf, Inpage to pdf or any text editor to pdf. DoPdF is one of best tool to convert your documents and even images to pdf. Click here to download.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Portable

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Portable. For the students of digital photo editing. Click here to download