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The Microsoft office management experience

Working in the office environment has been revolutionized through use of computers which have in building programs to ensure various offices related tasks are effected and easily managed. Whether running your computer on Mac or windows option, the office tools are quite paramount, and thus can be accessed and utilized by the user of the computer or laptop. From calculations to the creation of documents and publication, Microsoft Office programs provide extensive and outstanding work and the results are usually quite appealing. Microsoft Office presents different software which performs quite distinct tasks all geared towards ensuring that office work is made easier. Microsoft Access program provides a database for sharing information and analyzing such information. Statistical data like financial related sheets can be organized, analyzed and generated through the access program which is a product of Microsoft Office. As such, it maintains and stores important information such as financial records of a company which can be retrieved at a later date and an analysis made. Microsoft Excel is another program which runs under Microsoft Office that eases the work in the office. The software runs various spreadsheet programs such as names of employees in the company and their payments which can be compiled from a year and the totals made to determine the amount of money spent on payment of salaries to the workers of a company. Even the salary increments accorded to workers within a particular period of time if any. This work can be simply organized and stored in the computer and eases great energy and time that could otherwise have been wasted to record the salaries of workers and make calculations since the programs comes with an inbuilt mathematical analysis tool that can automatically make and record calculations such as totals thus making your work to be just keying in the figures. Microsoft one note program performs important tasks such as recording short no